CMBS Bonds Downgraded on Special Servicing Action

Standard & Poor’s had downgraded 15 classes of bonds backed by a $425 million loan secured against the Four Seasons Hotel in New York and 3 other luxury resort hotels.  The action was triggered by a drop in cash flow which was 46% below S&P expectations.  Surely, the expected cash flow figure had already been discounted in arriving at these expectations, painting this drop as a serious cause for concern in CRE.  Occupancy has dropped from 69% in the last fiscal year to just 58%.

From Zero Hedge:

The full blown impact of CRE deterioration on the hotel industry could escalate rapidly: according to RealPoint there are over 1,500 loans with a total balance of nearly $25 billion which may be in danger of default.

And he closes with this:

The silver lining: REITs now see cap rates at or below 6% in perpetuity… Which unless they are seeing something in the ultraviolet end of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible to everyone else, is almost believable.

As I have been preaching for quite some time here, it should be abundantly clear to everyone in the CRE industry that CAP rates are headed down.  Yup.

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  1. Joshua says:

    that ZH piece caught on to a LOT of blogs and mainstream sites. and by down you mean up, i am assuming.

  2. no, not up, down. sarcasm, of course.

  3. I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing posts on this website. Keep up the great work.

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